Monday, December 12, 2011

If i never see your face again

Have you ever had this bizarre feeling when after spending some time with a person and then not seeing them for a few days you cannot remember there face anymore?

Hmm it's weird. My memory is usually infallible. Yet, when I try to picture in my head a person I recently met and spent an amazing time with, I'm blanked.

Does that mean i didn't get enough? Does that mean I might like the person?


  1. I'm terrible with faces in general. Probably if I met again any dates from the past, even good ones, I wouldn't recognize them.

  2. Personally, i find that i forget faces after a while of not seeing them. A close member in my family recently passed away, and i sometimes wonder to myself, what did he really look like? I try picturing his beard, his facial features, but my mind turns blank. So i guess, we are human and our brains need consistent reminders of faces in order to keep them intact in our memories.