Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Talk about carrot

Recently, Baby Carrot (the blog with the same background as mine) surprised some of us by revealing the author was a guy and not a girl. Was it because his first post was about matching up bloggers? How stereotypical.

Regardless, reading the comments that explained the name for the blog and blogger, reminded me of a long forgotten book.

Anyone ever heard of the book Poil de Carotte by Jules Renard? I think the english version is called Carrot Head. The book is either a short novel or an autobiography by Jules Renard. It's basically about this red hair boy, hence the nickname Carrot Head, and how throughout his boyhood, he is mistreated, bullied and disliked by "friends" and family because of his hair color.

What a strange book to grow up on, and how fun to remember it now...


  1. I also thought BC was a chick!

    The red haired have been mistreated over time, being biased against. Dovid HaMelech, being of ruddy coloring, was overlooked.

    1. Good point! any other celebrities or famous people with red hair??....

  2. Seems like I'm in the minority here, for some reason right away I figured he was a guy... the candid topics + something about the syntax/tone just set the stage for some reason?

    Haha you definitely had this background first ;)

    And I always had a thing for redheaded guys!

  3. I agree with Corti, from day 1 I assumed it was a guy. Just on the style of writing.

    And from a guys perspective, I can't comment on redheaded guys, but redheaded girls are in a special place (and no, it's not hell, or a soulless room, or many other countless jokes), they are just different than everyone else.

    1. I do not like red headed guys but i think red head girls are beautiful!
      i think its specifically the style of writing that threw me off!!

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