Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do Bad Boys marry?...

My friends and I, including Primum Non Nocere often joke about how I tend to be attracted to "bad boys". By Bad Boys, we mean the type of boys that might have a past but that certainly do not lack the personality to go explore the world and it's downfalls. There is a strong appearance factor and attitude attributed to those guys and I admit that those boys are the ones who intrigue me.

I meet my share of "good boys" who frankly, have no stain on their impeccable careers, their out-of-the-box thinking and their amazing personality. Those are great guys, and those are the ones I do not hesitate to set up with my closest friends.

Yet I fall for the Bad Boys.

I have come to realize that my attraction to Bad Boys, besides for leading me nowhere, also makes me feel misunderstood. To the world, Bad Boys indicate a very different type of breed in which the Boys are described by very selfish characters and incredible looser-type of personality.
"These are the boys you do not want to marry," I am often told. No, no one wants to marry a jerk nor a guy lacking brains. Nevertheless, I could see myself falling  (or have fallen) for a guy who has the depth and understanding of a someone who's been down the path of Hell but has come back. Not that he must, but since he did, I would appreciate the substance of his journey.

I am aware I just expressed a complex idea into two very simplistic paragraph but this might not be the last post on the topic. Then again, this does relate to my whole theory about being attracted to personalities versus actions or deeds.


  1. Check Please discussed this in her "vampire allure" post. She explained it quite well; there is this idea that one will meet a guy and he will be so drawn to her that he will abandon his sinful ways. Plenty of romance novels have this premise.

    I'm not saying it doesn't happen at all in real life, but underlying issues can resurface throughout a lifetime relationship like marriage.

    I go for the boring stereotypical accountant types. No drama or "Rebel Without A Cause" for me!

  2. I think you and Primum Non Nocere should get married.

  3. Yay Tania - well said!!!!!

  4. I totally get the bad boy stereotype. I would go for a reformed bad boy in a heart beat! Just have to find one!

  5. But apparently they dont exist... or its what ive bee told so often lately

  6. @ princess lea.. so happy my post made such an impression on you :)

    @ everyone else- its not about the bad boy ... its about his potential to become good FOR YOU... think about it or just read my post and it will become very very clear.

  7. Aha, thanks for the clarification Checkplease :)
    do you fall for them too?

  8. There was a time in my life where I did, and I was obsessed with "projects". All I wanted was to "save" the guy and be the one he opened up to.

    Don't waste your time with such men. It's just a lot of headache and heartache

    Read the post here!

  9. There are 2 kinds of bad boys; the genuinely bad ones, the ones who are exciting because they seem to be able to get away with everything, and break all the social conventions for behavior. The genuinely bad ones, stay away from.

    The other kind are the boys who are a little bit edgy, a little bit exciting, but still treasure you and treat you well. These are the real gems.

    Me, I'm the boring, predictable type, but my wife loves me nonetheless. Not quite the chartered accountant type, but definitely not a motorcyclist

  10. @redsneakz: welcome! and i love hearing from married people because often you guys can just testify that so many of the nitty picky does not matter in grand scheme. But hey boring guys works for som e:)