Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Happy" Birthday To Me!

It's that time of year again.
A year older.
Precisely 22 years since I've started to breathe.

Everyone is asking me what am I doing for my birthday and the simple answer is: nothing.

Think about it.

Why should I be doing anything for it? If I want to look back over the year, be grateful, make counts on the past year's events, take upon new resolution, have a quarter-life crisis... it's my business. I do not need to throw a party nor do I need to go out to dinner with anyone to mark my birthday.

It's a day just like another, except that it means something special to ME.
Now if you were my friend and decided to take me out or to plan something for me, I will be happy to participate. But please don't ask me to plan it. Why should I plan my birthday when I am perfectly happy being with myself, at home or busy with stuff?

Don't worry, I know it's my birthday, I know it's a happy day (how could I forget with everyone busting my Facebook wall??)

But if you need an excuse to go party and be happy, feel free to celebrate St Patrick's day.


  1. lol you always do. you're like an internet whore.

    Happy birthday to you, on turning 22. (It rhymes.)

  2. happy birthday! wishing you a happy and healthy year.

  3. I just had my birthday recently, and I can't stand it how people say, "So how does it feel to be 26?" Gosh golly, it is, like, so incredibly different from 25!

    My family never made a big fuss over birthdays. When I was 6, I wished they did more, but now I'm thankful.

  4. Happy Birthday. May this year bring you lots of love your soul sicks for.

  5. I concur with Tania. Most birthdays of mine post-9th grade passed by with little fanfare. Just wait until you've found your husband (which should happen at the right time and sooner rather than later), and he makes every birthday worthwhile, as ASoG has done for me. It won't be something you'll want passed over without any attention :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday. I'm also not a fan of fanfare filled birthdays. Yeah, I concur with Shades of Grey, birthdays are very different once you're married, at least at on the onset.

    Oh, and thank you for the license to celebrate St. Patrick's day, I think now I might... :-P

  7. A very happy unbirthday to you!

    May this year bring you much growth and happiness.

  8. Happy Birthday!
    You and Lady Liberty.

  9. Thank you very much to you all!!

    @Sahdes of grey: U're probably right, but it doesnt even have to be a husband, it could also be special if a good friend or a family member makes it special for you and not by the million question abt what I will do for my birthdays