Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Old News

Whenever the future of  the printed newspaper is discussed, I think a big threat to it's existence is omitted in conversations: 

These days, it seems like Facebook is not only the main social network, it's also a main influence in the media diffusing world. People post links to articles all the time, and whatever gets posted repeatedly by different users goes viral. We, the members of Facebook, have the power to make the slightest speech/video/article... into the biggest news. We decide what news make it to our headlines, à la une ...

However, sometimes half of your "friends"- for lack of better word- are posting about the same topic, sometimes the exact same feelings or whatever it might be.  (If you need an example, do check up this post, PNN got me started on this involuntarily.) This viral handling of news in my eyes, devalues it, depersonalizes it and makes it bo-ring. 

On one hand it's beautiful for so many people across continents to be caring about the same subject, or protesting together via the net. But on the other, it's hard to believe in the New's value when it's broadcasting is too vast and in the hands of some who might not even care. 

ps: don't get me wrong, I'm glad Gilad is home 

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