Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where do YOU stand?

Wait... Me?
You're asking ME to provide you with an explicit rational answer as to where I now hold in life? Ha, maybe I should start giving out the link of my blog for those who do not know yet how much I dislike answering such questions.

A wise person once said to me: "It's not about being an introvert versus an extrovert, it's about the qualities and capacities that lay within you." The same way, it's not about how I define myself, it's more about what I do and what I aspire to be.

And I know that for many of my friends, no matter how close, the answer to the title question "where do I stand" is a mystery. Perhaps my reasoning is flawed, perhaps I do need to provide some subtitles to my train of thought and action for my friend to follow who I really am. Yet I do not, at least not often enough, and instead I feel the water with people I meet and wait to see what their understanding of me might be.

I'm uncomfortable with the verbal, I'm intolerant of the obvious when stated and I have no patience for the labeling.

Because I have travelled, because I've been gone and back, because I am not the person I once used to be (at least in appearance), I'm aware I easily confuse people. But those mixed feelings are positive.
I am growing,
Have been growing,
And haven't stopped growing.

So where do I stand? Bear with me, for I cannot name it.
I cannot etiquette myself at the moment you ask, for I cannot suspend time nor my journey...


  1. It's like "What are you looking for?" It's not a pencil skirt; it's a potential spouse. How am I supposed to know?

  2. so frustrating, and btw, the guy from one of my first post
    http://lovesickforg-d.blogspot.com/2011/07/you-dont-know-me-i-dont-know-you-but-i.html (in july) just got engaged!!! lol i was over him a while ago but I have post about him, thats weird!

  3. Kind of in response to this post and some earlier posts of yours, (and Princess L) I came across this gem: "If you don’t know what you want...you end up with a lot you don’t.” ~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

  4. Aaargh one of my favorite movies!!!! :p