Thursday, August 11, 2011

"I'm a romantic schizophrenic" (Alexander Mc Queen)

 The art in Alexander Mc Queen's exhibit collection speaks for itself. The expression of faceless mannequins, the shapes of their body, the design, the fabrics, everything represent pure arts. While the exhibit at the Met came to an end, I stumbled upon many blogs that were discussing the meaning of it all, ie:

But I like to look at it, to think about it and to integrated it for myself. I see little point in discussing the arts for each one of us perceives it so differently.

 For instance, what do you think about when you hear "I am a romantic schizophrenic"?

You might be miles away from thinking what I am thinking right now. However, perhaps you can understand that stuck in the shidduch system, I now more than ever can identify to such feelings of dissociated identity, dreams of chivalry and yearning for a breakthrough of fantasy.

 So much pain to be seen in his designs, so much beauty; It is no surprise to me that AMQ ended his own life.


  1. I'm really annoyed at myself that I didn't end up going to the exhibit. But I've been a long time follower of AMQ, but I am not artistic enough to understand his reasons for suicide. But from what I've read his reasons for killing himself didn't have to do with his clothing; it had to do with more personal reasons.

  2. Maybe but the depth of his art is definitely a reflection of who he is and what he is feelings. Sometimes what happens in life is just the straw that breaks the camel back, not the reason itself why he committed suicide.

  3. "I am a romantic schizophrenic"? The first thing that comes to my mind; please don’t commit suicide. Not a good plan of action.

    I had the pleasure of seeing the exhibit with my wife when it opened. I’ll concede that that McQueen was creative and talented, but he was also a very twisted individual. Even the way he chose to depict his work was so dark and macabre. He did have some interesting observations into humanity and art, but after viewing the exhibit I wasn’t surprised to hear that he committed suicide.

  4. ah too bad i missed the exhibit . your photos of it are amazing


  6. Another fan, amazing! and well said, thanks for posting!!