Thursday, August 18, 2011

A pass to heaven

Today I travelled to a different city.
In my extreme kindness (or maybe stupidity), I offered a ride to whoever needed a lift.
I ended up taking two passengers thinking they would contribute to gas and tolls (They didn't)
A man and his wife, sat them in the back seat. But it wasn't enough.

The whole trip I had to:
  •  pretend I was laughing at jokes that weren't funny,
  • pretend I understood his numerous Vorts explaining why women should be going to college in order to be able to support their husbands,
  • pretend I knew why anger is the source of all depression, 
  • pretend I wasn't listening when they were arguing (making me feel really uncomfortable)
  • pretend I didnt mind listening to Shlomo Carlebach music played in a tape recorder,
  • pretend It was such a fun ride we should do it again after Shabbos!!!
No way.
But I am off to bed tonight feeling good about myself, how I survived it and how I handled it.

I did them a favor which was definitely not easy for me.

Perhaps I did just earn something nice, like a pass to heaven.....


  1. Sounds like a truly awesome trip:) I have a friend who when we would do road trips (and we did plenty of them) insisted on only listening to Carlebach. But with his personality and all, we hadda ton of fun regardless :)

  2. I'm always aware of the emotional effort of these sort of favors. Chatting and making conversation with people you're stuck with is not easy. Often there are misunderstandings and such. But you did a nice thing.

    Because whatever you do, you do for yourself.