Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Talked into... MARRIAGE

This week, the question of the morning radio talk show was:
"Have you ever been talked into doing something you regretted?"
During the one hour of my commute, five different guys called to say they had been talked into marriage! And that they regret it....
I'm not even sure what to say.
Incredible... Stupid...Deceiving...


  1. It's more common than one would think. Guys slink onto talk shows complaining how they miss the single life.

    A guy even wrote into my local Jewish newspaper with this ridiculous story how he got hoodwinked into marrying! He didn't even have a good reason how his wife was terrible; he just whined about how he wanted to get a house but by having a wife and child his finances don't permit. Uh, what do you need a house for if you don't have a family? Dufus.

    They need to grow up.

  2. They do need to grow up, and they clearly weren't mature enough to get married in the first place, or have any sort of real relationship. They almost sound like little boys who wanted to play house like they did when they were in kindergarten and are upset at the fact that being married carries great responsibilities of various types.

    I, as a guy, am horribly disgusted by other guys out there who promote this attitude that being married has been bad for them/hurt them/was a mistake, and being single is better. If anything, his wife should feel this way for getting stuck with an immature, egotistical, selfish jerk like him.

    I was once reading a newspaper's advice column where a male reader wrote in saying that his wife just had a baby, and he's very excited about his new child and everything, but now he just doesn't feel as attracted to his wife anymore - her body's changes have transformed her into an entirely different person than the woman he dated and got married to. So despite his "love" for his wife and child, he wants out and would like to find someone "more attractive."

    The columnist didn't respond herself, but instead forwarded the message to several male and female friends and printed their responses - and they went postal on the guy, just as he deserves.

    It really makes me wonder where men in our world (mostly secular world, but it happens in the Jewish world too) are heading...

  3. It is a very sad phenomenon, but you hear about it all the times...
    So to counterbalance these talk shows where people say sad things about their spouse, or ex, i listen to the love radio, where people have only nice thing to say :)