Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Things We Do (or delete!!!!)

I just wrote this whole long post and then it got DELETED! oy!

I will cut the details short and get to the point.
Basically, I know everyone is writing about Rosh Hashana, what it means to them and the way they approach it.What I am interested in, is people's experience of the davening.

Year to year, we stand there, and pray for His mercy among other things. As we reflect on our lives, where we were standing a year ago etc..  we naturally pray for all that we might need or wish. While some of the requests vary depending on the year, some do not change: help in Parnassah, finding a spouse, to be successful...

Don't you get tired of asking again and again? Don't you believe He already knows what you're asking for and will give it to you when the right time comes? Then comes in Hishtadlus, right?

I know He likes our prayers and I know that there is nothing that equals putting in a request with our tears, yet when I see the many people in Shul I always wonder:

-What are you asking for? 
-What did you ask for last year? 
-Where were you last year? 

Not that the details matter to me, but I have this need where I try to picture people's experience of lifestyle, their Bitachon  and how it plays into their davening... Creepy I know but don't worry, when I start spacing out too much like that, I usually leave and go baby-sit so a poor mother can go enjoy her davening, pray for herself and for her kids. (and for that reason as well, I like to go at night so I don't get as much distracted by the many people there)

PS: If you were hoping to read one of my monologues about dating, or pre-dating, go visit Primum Non Nocere's blog as I was honored with being his first (and maybe only...) guest writer :)


  1. well,for me each year is so different,and so are my wants and needs-and i have had too many prayers answered to complain...
    i think the most important thing to remember while daving is all the things that are good for us we will get.

  2. Every year I find that I'm a different person. I've overcome hurdles, handled challenges, worked through disasters. I've grown, my perspective on myself and my life has changed.

    Even though I may ask for the same things -I ask from a different place, a different angle, if only slightly.

    So yeah, I'll ask about shidduchim, and school/career success and personal growth. I'll ask for health and happiness and help with where I am in life. I'll thank Him for everything I've had -the experiences, the strength, the health and joy and success I've been fortunate to have.

    And every year, there's something different. About me, how mature I am, where I am in life, what I've experienced in the previous year, what I've learned, what I've made of myself. That’s the difference, and it’s a big one.

  3. right but then I wonder how much we're suppose to be asking for ourselves anyways....