Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saw You At Sinai

 A way to redefine romanticism: cyber dating.

When my friend suggested I join the famous matchmaking website Saw You at Sinai, I must admit I was surprise. Like everyone else, I’ve heard about it, I’ve met people who met through it, but I never thought about it in terms of myself.

Subconsciously, I’ve been under the assumption that such websites are designed for the older singles who are despairing over meeting the right person. Given that I am pretty young and networking is one of the things I do best, I never considered having a cyber profile.  After all, why would I need it? And why would I want to be matched up by a stranger? On the other hand, I understand that you do not have to accept whom you’re being suggested and you can always conduct your own research (ie: facebook).

But the more I think about it, I wonder if my prejudice is a common one or is it just based on my ignorance of that technique. Granted, I definitely do not know enough about it yet to know how I feel about it. Right now, I’m struggling with the idea of having to describe myself in terms and characteristics versus someone having a feel for my personality and my aspirations (similar to the reasons I do not have a resume).

So fellow bloggers, we seem to be spending a fair amount on the web, what do we think about web-dating?


  1. I had a lot of resistance to it myself. But then I realized that it is one of many potential ways to meet someone.

    So I got over my own prejudices, assumptions and feelings... and just took the plunge.

  2. I still refuse to join them on the grounds that I refuse to be THAT desperate! ahh :( :( Don't make me do it!

  3. So it generally is considered as a last resort??

  4. been there done was a waste of time and money..i did it to make my parents happy...and it brought no results..chaval al hazman!

  5. While I can be classified as "older" and "desperate," I tried it once after receiving a mysterious email that someone suggested a guy for me and I have to join to see him.

    I felt dirty and violated volunteering my info to be looked through by faceless shadchanim. I did it for one month; then changed my status to "inactive."

    They also don't have the best success rating . . . under 8%.

  6. I am a single mom with shared custody, past 40, and I live in a town with very few eligible Jewish singles in my age bracket. Beginning next June, I will be in a position to relocate, so cyberdating is a great way to meet people in other communities.

    If they are single and Jewish and here, either I already know them or one of my friends is already planning to invite us both to the same Shabbat dinner.

  7. @morah Betsy: i really appreciate your comment because you're the first to shed a positive light on cyber-dating :) goes to show it works for some...