Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The "new generation"

I'm only 22 but sometimes I feel like saying: "oh the young these days have no respect".

For example, on my way home from the prison one night, three teenagers crossed a 6 lane road, without even glancing at the oncoming traffic. As I slammed on my breaks, I honked in a pointless hope the guys would realize how dangerous that was and all they did was give me the finger. Oh well, with such an attitude, I can only count the years before I'll be seeing them behind bars...

Tonight, as I pulled up in the parking lot of the local Starbucks, a group of five well dressed guys, approximately around the age of 18 crossed without paying attention to the cars. One of them spat on the ground while another pointed at my car and laughed. I'm not exactly sure what he was laughing at but it doesn't matter. I was just thinking how disappointing that these business looking guys were being so rude. Next thing I know, I'm sitting in the Starbucks when one of them burped really loud. I must have made a facial expression to express my disgust because one of the guys said to the other, "do it again, it bothered that girl." And till he walked out the door, he burped, again and again...

Seriously? This might not be the most fascinating topic but please tell me what these guys are missing here...


  1. Maturity?
    People can be really immature, really inconsiderate and thoughtless. You cannot force anyone to grow up..just hope it happens before they endanger themselves or anyone else.

    1. isn't there a difference between being immature and disrespectful

  2. I think that many youngsters today crave attention. Craving attention doesn't have to do with maturity - there are 60 year old people who scream into their phones on the train and look around to see if anyone is impressed.

    These kids will even take negative attention. So when kids like that show up I keep my face blank and ignore them, since what they desire is a reaction.

    Nebach. They are so pathetically needy.

  3. I think that maturity and respect kind of come together.
    An immature teenager may not appreciate the wisdom of his elders and is thus less inclined to respect them. Maturity brings maturity of mind and refinement of action.

  4. it all makes sense but its so sad to witness it because it goes against everything we were taught about "kiddush hashem" i never thought of it in those terms, but rebel or not a rebel, manners are important.

  5. kids today are very immature, and those manners went to pot. if their mama was sitting with them, they would never dare act that way in public. also, being four pple together, they felt strong to do what they felt like. that being said, hope you at least enjoyed your coffee a little bit. rachelli

  6. Things have changed a lot, and not for the better. I have a former middle-school classmate of mine who is now a teacher at the Jewish day school we once attended together. She can't believe the level of chutzpah that some kids demonstrate, such as walking into class and declaring with a shrug that they simply didn't do their homework the previous night. Whereas back in our day, we'd be frightened to even think about just skipping a homework assignment.

    She recently told me that she had talked with a few of her fellow teachers - specifically the ones that were also our teachers long, long ago - and they confirmed that kids have simply degenerated over the years...

    It's a very sad fact that makes me worried about my future children and what I will be able to do as a parent to make sure they don't end up as badly off as all these kids out there nowadays. I can only imagine the world at large will be a worse place, and it scares me a little how difficult it will be to make sure they turn out fine, upstanding people.

  7. Might be MRA's in-training. Possibly through their subconscious awareness, protesting receiving the crappy end of the feminist-stick. Many more women than men are attending colleges these days. There is a need for equality across the board -- men included. The aforementioned behaviors could be a response to their life experience of being disrespected solely for being young men, and now theyve actively taken on that role (albeit very immature in manner). Actually ponder what THEY might be going through. It's called Empathy. Allow your mind to change its paradigm. I have and have achieved true liberty.