Friday, February 3, 2012

100 Books

I have taken on a mission with a friend.
From January 2012 to January 2013, we pledged to read 100 books.
I like reading more than anything else, so there goes my blogging...


  1. That's what: 2 books a week?

    I think I do that already now.

    But something as enjoyable as book reading shouldn't be forced or rushed. Some books are so good I make them stretch, praying they don't end yet.

    Make sure to savor every word!

    1. considering that i work, have an internship, and go to school, and spend more time on my laptop than i would like to, 2 books a week isn't necessarily a given.
      i love to read so its not a chore.

  2. Short books for you. No Robert Caro.

  3. hmm haven't heard of that author. any book recommendations?

  4. Read anything but Rabbi Arush, he'll put a smile on your face, or anything from Rabbi pincus, both great authors! Or are there paramaters to your reading?

  5. No parameters at all
    are their books novel? I dont usually like Jewish books

  6. Well, novel in the sense that they talk overwhelmingly about Emunah...