Monday, May 21, 2012

Kim, you did one thing

Who knew I would ever find something nice to say about Kim Kardashian??

Don't get me started on her, because I have no sympathy for celebrities without talent. Harsh, but there are too many of those these days. It used to be that being a superstar was an earned title. Today it is administered left and right and Hollywood or the media never ceases to disappoint me. Please bring the fifties back... ( Madmen for a different post...)

Anyways, I was here to say something nice so here it goes.
I am currently enrolled in a class on diversity. All the students have to present a cultural autobiography which happens to be harder then it sounds. Imagine yourself trying to explain to your entire class where you come from. I love explaining my Jewish roots (and French) but I must admit it's hard to do so in front of a crowd that doesn't grasp most of what you take for granted. And it makes you really self conscious to be talking about yourself  for about thirty minutes straight (which is partly the point of the exercise). You start worrying about how you're sounding and if you're cool and interesting enough...

Today, two girls in my class presented. They are both Iranians and Muslim but in a weird way, our presentations had lots in common. The emphasis on family, on education and on the motherhood were similar to the ones I grew up with. As you can imagine, growing up Muslim in America is not always an easy thing and although they are very attractive, they have heard the line about them being potential terrorists. Interestingly enough, they both agreed that their struggle growing up in America, land of freedom for all, had less to with religion than with physical appearance.

Now, keep in mind that I am talking about very pretty girls,darker hair color, gorgeous skin tone, nice features etc... . However, they both reported going through that stage in middle school, high school where they died their hair blonde in order to fit in the public school they attended. I had never thought about it, but it is true that back in the days, (seven years ago or so) blonde tall and skinny was the thing to be. Think Britney Spears, when everybody was dying their hair dirty blonde...And it has never changed until, like S, pointed out, came the Kardashians.

With their darker skin and dark dark hair, America's look has finally changed and if anything become more versatile. For S, Kim's celebrity is what made her gain confidence in her looks and identity. It was finally okay for her to have long dark hair, with a darker colored skin and a more exotic look. If you ask me, I think both of them are prettier than Kim but hey, it might be the only good thing Kim has ever done to our society.


  1. And thank you Kim for a body that just doesn't quit.
    Every American Guy


  2. Spanish will soon be the second most commonly spoken language in America - and they are all not exactly blue-eyed and blonde-haired . . . :)

  3. Very interesting point.

    Some guys are still ridiculous in only preferring blonde hair - case in point someone who recently stopped the conversation about a shidduch prospect once we mentioned she was tall, thin and dark haired - and refused to hear another word because of her hair color... Everyone can and should have a preference, but not being flexible like that is infuriating for shadchanim (and the girls too, I imagine).

    1. I have heard of guys being stuck on hair color, less of girls but i might be wrong. Recently I heard red hair for some is a huge deal and I think I can understand that more then refusing because of dark hair. When i get such answers, I give up with the person. I cant be associated with such nonsense or rigidity nor could I be bothered.

  4. Wow this is so interesting! First I've heard of guys preferring blonde hair - personally ive always thought that dark girls are the most pretty, especially when they look oriental... Interesting how beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder...

    1. But not necessarily since it is often dictated by the trends of the society as a whole...

    2. Lol...yes and no. I may be speaking only for myself but even though I'm *slightly* influenced by societal norms, I've always had different tastes to most people (e.g. The clothes I wear have always been of the same style since I was 14 - they don't depend on 'fashion' ) but ur right to an extent and for some people...