Sunday, June 10, 2012

To change or not to change?

It is difficult for me to sit here and write about a topic that I would like to discuss, when all around me is changing. My friends are changing, my internship is changing, my classes are changing, my address is changing, couples are changing, the weather is changing.

Everything around is changing.

Perhaps it is me changing and all remaining the same?

Who knows...

The one thing that doesn't change is my view on dating.
It's not fun.
Maybe that could/should change.


  1. everyone is changing . this is the world. i agree with you. dating is not fun.

  2. I know. I've been on a break for over 6 months now (I wanted to concentrate on doing well this year because I was graduating, and I also just needed a break) and even though it's very exciting to date, it's just been so nice not having to wait for a text, or be upset when he doesn't call you. Alas, that's not life - life is about loving and (sometimes) hurting, and having difficulties and solving them. Gonna have to start dating again soon... !

  3. Think good and THAT will make it good.
    Try this for starters: