Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friends of today

 It’s all His hand, it’s His idea:
He tells me the joys you share,
Calls on me when you shed tears.
You know my friend,
Maybe we shall pretend?

No need to hear my voice,
Or to see my eyes,
When you see them brown,
 The light sees them shine.
My comments will tell,
Whom and what I like
My pictures will show,
Who and what I am.
No need to feel my presence;
You now know my charm.

Ever seen you?  Heard of you?
Watched you grow through pictures,
When you ask: ever met before?
My, sure, in caricature
Virtually he suggested
You as my friend,
 Intrigued me by
 The cello in your hands.

On our own,
 Maybe we would‘ve met,
Maybe stared at a painting
 On a wall,
In an Art museum like we use to,
 Like we use to wonder,
 Who is that boy, who is that girl?
In the picture, what is in her?

Now Facebook tells you
She is whom you see,
He is whom you should seek
The friend you will never be,
For an added name on your list.


  1. Virtual friendships... quite pointless (one of the reasons Im actually still not on facebook!) I dont think i will gain anything from it and feel it cheapens the concept of friendship.

    I was just speaking with someone about the difference between blogging friends and facebook friends. Blogging friends can be much more anonymous than facebook ones, but for some reason seem more real. You may not know who the person is, but get an idea of knowing a lot about them, the way they think, feel, their world views, views on life, etc.

  2. hmmm that's a good debate to have. Ur right that blogging feels way more intimate than facebook but on facebook, it helps to have a mental picture and an idea of what kind of world the person is from. Of course it can be a fluke in both world, I prefer blogging to facebook, but i still enjoy the virtual aspect of facebook. totally superficial :)