Wednesday, November 16, 2011

People who have time

What do people who have time do with their time?

Everyone likes to consider themselves busy. After all, you only take on as much as you can handle. But you have the people that are involved in so many different activities, they can't even keep track and then on the other hand, you have the people who like to believe they are so busy they have time for nothing and that is why they won't get involved in much.

I am not on a bragging spree about myself, but I was thinking about it yesterday while cutting class. On Tuesdays, I usually leave my house at 5:45 and do not return before 6:30. It's a long day. I was feeling like taking off and so I did, imagining all the rest I'd get and how much I would get done. At 10:00, I was bored.

So I don't understand, my friends who leave their house at 10 am to g to work and come home at 6, what are they so busy with? What makes them incapable to have a Little Sister, be part of a charity, a board, an organisation, NCSY, something....

I think people like to create the impression of being so busy and having time for nothing. It's almost like a conversation making phrase that turns into your reality:
"-How are you doing? I haven't seen you in so long..bla bla bla..
-Yes I know, I've been so busy.
-Really that's great! doing what?
-You know, work and stuff. It's crazy how fast the days go by, I don't even have time for myself"
Stop talking about it and start acting, it will make you feel better.

I'm merely addressing people my age. When you are married and with kids, it's different. I remember the first time I met my aunt I insulted her because I asked her if she wasn't bored being at home all day. I was only twelve years old at the time (okay maybe its not that young to be so naive). But my mom just like my aunt, is a mother of nine, yet she works full time and has always cared for us and entertained us herself. She is amazing. So I could not understand how my aunt was not bored being a stay at home mom. My mother was the one who explained to me that everyone is different and since then, I have learned to value both. I think it's wonderful to be a stay at home mom if you can afford it and I think that if you can rock it having a job and kids, then be it. But whatever you do, do it well as my mother always says....

Back to my point, I think having time is all about an attitude, not a actual 24 hour per day to occupy.
But since I've expanded the topic, feel free to pick on things I might have started up on :)


  1. My sister said when she was little, "Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a nothing like you."

    If "nothing" is a stay-at-home mother, her dreams came true.

  2. I think, in so many ways, I value family and spending time with/raising children that to me it's the BEST thing to be busy with.