Monday, November 21, 2011

"The older they get,

the worse they get"

I'm sorry for being on a vendetta against people these days but there are just too may things about people that are irritable or derisory.

I just quoted what a tenth grader, Moshe, told me about his mother and her friends. He asked me if I knew her "click" and I do since I used to work in a local cafe, I used to see them come in together from times to times. I am quite friendly with that crowd but it's more fun to watch from the outside.

Moshe has a twelve years old little sister who naturally is going through that stage where she will be offended is her best friend doesn't tell her if she hung out with her other best friend. Or she would want to be on the calling list of the latest gossip in town. So does her mother and her friends.

"Why didn't you tell me she got a new bracelet from her husband?"

"I saw her yesterday, she was with so and so..."

It never ends. Its the frum Desperate Housewives, it's the frum Gossip Girl.
They would be bored without it, I guess i'll let them have it.


  1. The phrase "get a life" comes ti mind.

  2. Maybe you need to move to a new neighborhood. Seriously... there's only so long you can take it without becoming part of it.

  3. So pathetic! Just another reminder to teach our children self confidence and real friendship by example--break the vicious cycle.

  4. @yael: trust me, i dont think i can ever be that. too much hassle, drama for absolutely nothing. And they are muc older than me, mother's i sometimes eat by on shabbat
    @observant Jew: u think that wud help? i feel like its more of a hobbie than a real self esteem issue

  5. Just gossiping is a hobby, but the extent to which what people's friends are doing upsets/insults people is not healthy...

    @Yael-Does such a community exist-- where people just live and let live?