Tuesday, November 1, 2011

People we dislike

Everyday you meet people. Some become your friends, some you just say hi and goodbye to and some just remain on your nerves. Usually, it's not an issue, you move on with your day and you don't worry about them until you meet again.

But I have this one professor with whom it does not work. She is painful. I can barely handle sitting through her class. As a result, I act differently. She perceives me as a shy, perhaps snobby and totally non-interesting student. In fact, I'd be interested to hear how she would describe me. I can guarantee you her description would not fit that of all my other professor's opinions!

Anyways, she teaches psycho-dynamic  and has thus far failed in passing on the beauty of Freud and his likes. The textbook does a better job. Her mouth smiles constantly, her lips go up and down  but her eyes convey nothing. In general, my class likes her, she pretends she cares, she makes jokes, she asks us how we are doing. And it makes me wonder, am I the only one who thinks she is totally fake and annoying?? Is that why I feel so uncomfortable around her and act different??

Maybe I just don't understand who she is and how she expresses herself. Be sure this is my last class with her...

What if this happened with someone I had to endure though??? Torture....


  1. thank goodness she isnt your supervisor at work

  2. Very true, however, my supervisor at my internship is another story on its own, he's never there!!!

  3. cool. thats the best kind of of supervisor.

  4. In many ways for sure, except that i drive over an hour to get there and when he isnt there, if he doesnt have passes for me to see inmates, i might as well go home. And i dont want to lie when i log in hours...